My happiest weekend

I know this blog has been deserted for a while but have had so much going on. I feel so inspired in my life because this is probably one of my happiest weekends ever. I am still trying to comprehend everything.

I had a slow start on Saturday by having a long choir rehearsal from 9am-4pm. It was still really fun because I got to sing all day and be with my friends. My mum promised she would take me shopping after that. Now this is where things get interesting. I somehow convinced my mum to get me an Ariana Grande jumper which is literally the cutest thing ever. I got the one that has her beautiful face on it and 7 rings.I also got a few really cute skirts and tops.

One of the scarier things that happened was really traumatising. It was around 10pm on a Saturday and i was getting ready to sleep. As I was folding my clothes and putting them in my wardrobe I noticed something on the wall. It was a massive spider, about the size of my hand. I scream and get my dad to get rid of it by quickly spraying some bug spray. That nasty evil spider was at its end. It then was squeezed by some toilet paper and thrown down the toilet. It was gone. But I was still terrified. Needless to say i didn’t sleep in my room.

Today was a fabulous day. I woke up bright and early and I was super motivated. I did a little bit of homework and then tweeted a little bit. I got noticed by one of Gabi Demartino’s best friends, Kenny. They reposted the story of gabi and him on his story and it made me so happy getting noticed. I then tweeted about it and tagged kenny. Kenny then retweeted and like that tweet which I was over the moon about it. I added the screenshots of it to my notices tweet and he retweeted and liked that as well. I can’t believe how many time he noticed me today. I also dmed him saying thank you and how happy i was and he sent a few heart emojis. It literally made my day. I still can’t believe it.

I also was tweeting on my ariana fan account talking about how I remember looking at the trailer and seeing Gabi Demartino and Colleen Ballingers face in the thank you next trailer and how i was literally shook that i saw them in there. And i didn’t think anyone would see that tweet. But Gabi Demartino literally liked that tweet. Today and this weekend has literally been a dream. I wanted to write about it so I can remember such a memorable time. I may only post every so often but when I write I’m inspired and its not forced. I might start writing more. Love you all so much. I still can’t believe this isn’t a dream and how exciting and eventful this weekend was. I think somehow Ariana blessed the sweatshirt bringing good vibes and positivity. I’m also 14 years old now so I might do a little bday recap for you guys if you want and show what I did on my birthday!

A little update: I just found out that the one and only Colleen Ballinger also liked the tweet about me remembering the time about the trailer and me being so excited and im so grateful for them. Lysm

xoxo, shabbie rose

Lysm <33

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